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Convertible Bug Net 360°


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SIZE 300 x 130 cm -  9’10” x 4’3”
NETTING 200 holes / cm2 - 1296 openings / in2
WEIGHT 485g -  17.1 oz
MATERIAL 100% polyester, washable at 30 ° C
AVAILABLE COLOR  White, black and army green
WARRANTY  10 years warranty on workmanship and material defects


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Newest Review For "Convertible Bug Net 360°" :

By Angelika Volz - 18 November 2020

This is the 2nd bug net I bought from TTTM. My older model (which I had for many years with no failure) got stolen. The new material seems denser, slightly heavier and bulkier than the material of my last model. The last model was sufficient for mosquitoes but let some of the tiny sand flies (tropical Australia) through. The current model will keep everything out - but this includes airflow. I can see that in hot and humid tropical climates it can get a bit sticky under the net in summer when no breeze comes through. So I am not sure if I like this trade-off. But I do like that the zipper now goes all the way around (instead of just opening on one side) so that you can fully open it up which makes it more multifunctional when no insects are around. As with my old model, I exchanged the mini beaners for attachment as the ones provided are quite fiddly. I occassionally use the part of the net that hangs down below the hammock to keep a spare jumper handy and off the ground in chilly nights. Overall, a great product that has lasted me years.

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